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Through My Eyes

Tun Dr. Ismail

As Kuala Lumpur is being closed down in response to the Bersih rally, I look on the current Home Minister, and wished we had someone along Tun Dr Ismail’s calibre carrying that portfolio..

Despite both of them are Johoreans, without a doubt,  Tun Dr. Ismail would have handled it better. And would have clamped it down ruthlessly, but with fairness. But then again, he would have prevented it to escalate to this level in the first place.

Not many Malaysians know of him, apart from a residential area named after him. And history books (due to a certain ex-PM) brushed aside his contributions to Malaysia. If you bothered looking and reading through the smokescreens created by that ex-PM, you will find Tun’s contribution is very significant.

Too bad he died young. I was born to a Malaysia that lost two of her prodigal sons at a young age. Tun Dr Ismail, and Tun Razak.  And as police are closing down Kuala Lumpur, I look back into the past, and wonder..

What would he do?



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